Advanced Devices & Instrumentation Special Issues

Published Issues

Metasurface-Based Devices

This special issue features experts on the research front line to share recent progress in metasurface design, optimization, and novel prototype devices. 

    Open for Submissions

    2D Materials and Novel Devices

    Experts from various research fronts will introduce the recent progress and main challenges in the field of 2D materials and the related devices, both in scientific and technological perspectives.

    Spintronic Materials, Devices and Instrumentation

    Recent progress, challenges, and prospects for spintronics.

    Quantum Devices, Systems and Applications

    This special issue focuses on development of quantum devices, instrumentation and system integrations for frontier applications of quantum communication, quantum computation, and quantum metrology.

      Special Issue Process

      Please see the journal’s peer review process page for more information on how special issue submissions are handled.