Quantum Devices, Systems and Applications

The Science Partner Journal Advanced Devices & Instrumentation is publishing a special issue on Quantum Devices, Systems and Applications.


Quantum information technology (QIT) has started to show its potential in bringing revolutions in security, computing power and measurement precision/sensitivity through exploitation of the principles of quantum physics. Devices for preparation, manipulation and measurement of quantum states are its fundamental building blocks, while instrumentation and system integration are necessary for QIT to make real-word impacts. This special issue focuses on development of quantum devices, instrumentation and system integrations for frontier applications of quantum communication, quantum computation, and quantum metrology. The issue aims to collect conceptual breakthroughs and latest progresses covering the following areas of interest: 

  • Quantum light sources and detectors
  • Integrated quantum photonic devices 
  • Quantum electronic devices such as spin-based and superconducting quantum devices.
  • Instrumentations for quantum devices and systems 
  • Integrated quantum systems and demonstrations, including quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum metrology 
  • Advanced materials for quantum devices

    Guest Editors

    Zhiliang Yuan, Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences
    Wei Chen, University of Science and Technology of China
    Junqiu Liu, International Quantum Academy Shenzhen & University of Science and Technology of China

      Submission Deadline

      June 30, 2023

        Submission Instructions

        Articles must follow the instructions for authors at https://spj.sciencemag.org/journals/adi/guidelines/. Please submit the full manuscript to Advanced Devices & Instumentation via our online submission system. When submitting, please indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for consideration for the special issue, Quantum Devices, Systems and Applications.