Spintronic Materials, Devices and Instrumentation

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The Science Partner Journal Advanced Devices & Instrumentation is publishing a special issue on Spintronic Materials, Devices and Instrumentation.


Spintronics, which utilizes spin instead of charge for data storage and processing, has been considered as a promising solution for the post-Moore’s-law era. Since the landmark discovery of the giant magnetoresistance effect by Fert and Grünberg in 1988, spintronics has enjoyed great success and helped kick start the “big-data” era. In the past few decades, the development of spintronics has extensively benefited from versatile physical effects, emerging materials, novel devices, and advanced instrumentation.

In this special issue, experts from various research fields will report the recent progress and discuss the challenges as well as prospects of spintronic materials, devices and instrumentation.

    Guest Editors

    Prof. Yongbing Xu, Nanjing Univeristy, China

    Prof. Xiaoyang Lin, Beihang Univeristy, China

    Prof. Xinhe Wang, Beihang University, China

      Submission Deadline

      March 31, 2023. All papers will be published online after acceptance.

        Submission Instructions

        Articles must follow the instructions for authors at https://spj.sciencemag.org/journals/adi/guidelines/. Please submit the full manuscript to Advanced Devices & Instumentation via our online submission system. When submitting, please indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for consideration for the special issue, Spintronic Materials, Devices and Instrumentation.