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Mission and Scope

Advanced Devices & Instrumentation’s mission is to promote high impact breakthroughs and application advances at all levels of electronics and photonics including device, system, and instrumentation with a goal of integration for functionalities. The journal aims to publish original research and review articles for rapid dissemination. The scope will cover the latest investigations on novel ideas, methods, and techniques for the development and manufacture of advanced devices and instrumentation, as well as novel and practical solutions for existing applications. Advanced Devices & Instrumentation will provide a forum for the latest research activities in the areas including but not limited to: two-dimensional material devices, meta-material apparatus, integrated and silicon photonics, quantum optics, augmented and virtual reality, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Research directions covered include: semiconductor devices (both digital and analogue), highly integrated circuitry, system-on-chip and embedded systems, flexible and wearable electronics, displays and imaging devices (including single photon devices), spatial light modulators and meta-devices, silicon photonics, quantum optics and computing, power electronics, battery technology and energy storage solutions, hardware electronic and photonic solutions for data processing [such as deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI)], data storage and data transmission, all types of sensors and sensor networks, distributed sensor networks, internet of things (IoTs), metrology, and system integration and instrumentation utilizing but not limited to the aforementioned devices and modules.

Read more about Advanced Devices & Instrumentation or review Information for Authors to learn more about the different types of content and how to submit your work to Advanced Devices & Instrumentation.