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The Editors of BioDesign Research are pleased to share a selection of the journal's top articles published this year. As always with the Science Partner Journals, all content is free to access.

2021 Top Articles

Durable CRISPR-Based Epigenetic Silencing

Muneaki Nakamura, Alexis E. Ivec, Yuchen Gao, and Lei S. Qi

BioDesign Research, vol. 2021, Article ID 9815820, 8 pages, 2021

Phagocytosed Polyhedrin-Cytokine Cocrystal Nanoparticles Provide Sustained Secretion of Bioactive Cytokines from Macrophages

Astrid Wendler, Nicholas James, Michael H. Jones, and Christian Pernstich

BioDesign Research, vol. 2021, Article ID 9816485, 12 pages, 2021

Production of Volatile Moth Sex Pheromones in Transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana Plants

Rubén Mateos-Fernández, Elena Moreno-Giménez, Silvia Gianoglio, Alfredo Quijano-Rubio, Jose Gavaldá-García, Lucía Estellés, Alba Rubert, José Luis Rambla, Marta Vazquez-Vilar, Estefanía Huet, Asunción Fernández-del-Carmen, Ana Espinosa-Ruiz, Mojca Juteršek, Sandra Vacas, Ismael Navarro, Vicente Navarro-Llopis, Jaime Primo, and Diego Orzáez

BioDesign Research, vol. 2021, Article ID 9891082, 17 pages, 2021

In-Depth Computational Analysis of Natural and Artificial Carbon Fixation Pathways

Hannes Löwe and Andreas Kremling

BioDesign Research, vol. 2021, Article ID 9898316, 23 pages, 2021

CFPU: A Cell-Free Processing Unit for High-Throughput, Automated In Vitro Circuit Characterization in Steady-State Conditions

Zoe Swank and Sebastian J. Maerkl

BioDesign Research, vol. 2021, Article ID 2968181, 11 pages, 2021