DNA Nanotechnology for Advanced Biomedical Applications

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The Science Partner Journal BMEF (BME Frontiers) is now considering submissions for a special issue, DNA Nanotechnology for Advanced Biomedical Applications.


Due to the unique precision in base-pairing of nucleic acids, DNA nanostructures can be designed and fabricated via self-assembly. Along with the rapid emergence of nanobiotechnology in recent years, various DNA nanostructures have been exploited for a wide range of biomedical applications. BMEF is assembling a special issue highlighting the latest advances of DNA nanotechnology to biomedical science. The primary focus of this special issue is the application of the constructions of various DNA nanostructures to biosensing, bioimaging, and drug delivery. Studies related to other biomedical applications are also welcome.

Submissions in the following areas of research utilizing DNA nanotechnology application are particularly welcome:

  • 1-D, 2-D, 3-D nanostructured DNA/RNA assisted isothermal biosensing and bioimaging strategies
  • Screening of DNAzyme for highly effective catalysis and biomedical applications
  • Drug delivery systems based on DNA nanosystems
  • Nucleic acids mediated cancer therapy
  • RNA based vaccine
  • Theoretical and experimental DNA computation for biomedical applications
  • Stimuli-responsive DNA/RNA nanostructures for biomedical applications

    Guest Editors

    Professor Juan Li, Institute of Basic Medicine and Cancer (IBMC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Professor Peng Miao, Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Professor Yanli Zhao, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

      Submission Deadline

      March 31, 2023

        Submission Instructions

        Please select "Special Issue: DNA Nanotechnology for Advanced Biomedical Applications" as the section/category during the submission process. Please also indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for inclusion in the special issue.