Cyborg and Bionic Systems Special Issues

Open for Submissions

Micro/Nano-Manipulation and Bio-Assembler

The latest progress of biological cell handling, transporting, sensing, gathering and assembling into tissues by applying mechanical hands, optical and magnetic drives, and microfluidic devices.

Cyborg Limb and Human Interface

The proposal of and solutions to current challenges in cyborg limbs and human-machine interfaces.

Rehabilitation and Human-Machine Interaction

Recent research and development in rehabilitation, human-machine interactions and the associated technologies. 

Devices and Wearables for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Recent research and development of biomechanical devices and wearable sensors for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Emerging Neural Technologies for NeuroRehabilitation

Recent advances in the field of Neuromodulation and NeuroRehabilitation Engineering Technologies.

Human Augmentation and Brain-Computer Interface

Recent research and development in human augmentation, BCI, and the associated technologies.

Biomanufacturing: ACBD-ISBM2021

Latest research and developments in 3D printing of biomaterials, artificial organs, tissue engineering, and organ-on-a-chip

    Published Special Issues

    Super Sensor

    This issue examines new sensing results on bionic, cyborg, and hybrid systems, and addresses recent advancements in micro/nano technologies that are challenging the current status of sensors available for cyborg and bionic systems.