Micro/Nano-Manipulation and Bio-Assembler

Special Issue

The Science Partner Journal Cyborg and Bionic Systems is now considering submissions for its first special issue, Micro/Nano-Manipulation and Bio-Assembler


Micro/nano manipulation provides control, sensing, intelligence, skills and automation in micro/nano scale environment. Its most interesting field of application is biology, which primarily involves biological single cells and/or tissues. The fabrication of artificial tissue, an essential and the most attractive integrant of cyborg and bionic systems, requires making the best use of micro/nano manipulation. Bio-assembler is an innovative research paradigm that will promote the advancement of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through state-of-the-art micro/nano manipulation technologies.

We are calling for papers dealing with biological cell handling, transporting, sensing, gathering and assembling into tissues by applying mechanical hands, optical and magnetic drives, and microfluidic devices. We are also interested in various related topics on automated cell sorting, cell assay, cell characterization, as well as automated cell injection.

    Guest Editors

    Dr. Tatsuo Arai, Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
    Visiting Professor, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

    Dr. Sinan Haliyo, Associate Professor, Sorbonne Université, France

    Dr. Masaru Kojima, Associate Professor, Osaka University, Japan

      Submission Deadline

      October 31, 2020

        Submission Instructions

        Please indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for inclusion in the special issue, Micro/Nano-Manipulation and Bio-Assembler.