Emerging Neural Technologies for NeuroRehabilitation

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The Science Partner Journal Cyborg and Bionic Systems is now considering submissions for the Special Issue on Emerging Neural Technologies for NeuroRehabilitation.


Rehabilitation is a process that involves restoration of physical, psychological, and social functions towards improving the quality of life for individuals with various motor, sensory, and/or cognitive impairment. NeuroRehabilitation represents a complex process aimed at aiding recovery from a nervous system injury or disorder, and at the same time compensates for associated functional alterations resulting from such injury. A variety of neural inclined technologies have been developed to help the affected individuals regain functional independence during activities of daily living. In fact, a number of reports from clinical studies have shown that neurologically inclined diseases could be adequately treated with associated dysfunctions restored using these technologies. Therefore, this special issue seeks high-quality contributions from the academia and industry that represent advances in the field of Neuromodulation and NeuroRehabilitation Engineering Technologies. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Neural-machine interfaces 
  • Flexible sensors for neural signal recording
  • Re-innervation and neural functional recovery
  • Neuro-modulation and neuro-feedback
  • Neural signal processing and analysis towards neurorehabilitation
  • Neuro-prostheses and assistive technologies

    Guest Editors

    Dr. Guanglin Li, Professor, Shenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech., CAS, China
    Dr. Ning Lan, Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China
    Dr. Qinggang Meng, Professor, Loughborough University, UK

      Guest Executive Editors

      Dr. Lin Wang, Associate Professor, Shenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech., CAS, China
      Dr. Oluwarotimi W. Samuel, Associate Professor, Shenzhen Inst. of Advanced Tech., CAS, China

        Submission Deadline

        September 30, 2022

          Submission Instructions

          Please select "Special Issue: Emerging Neural Technologies for NeuroRehabilitation" as the section/category during the submission process. Please also indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for inclusion in the special issue.