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The Science Partner Journal Cyborg and Bionic Systems is now considering submissions for the Special Issue on Super Sensor.


Humans and animals have developed acute senses, which enable them to make fast responses to environmental stimuli. For example, a human fingertip can perceive vibration with the amplitude of 0.1 micron, comparable to the diameter of a COVID-19 particle, and a particular breed of dog can sniff out an object 5 kilometers away. Nonetheless, our sense functions are subject to physiological limitations, and new sensors and sensing technologies can augment our capabilities. Many of these technologies have been applied to medical systems. Machine vision systems today can detect discrete changes occurring at the frame rate of over 10 KHz, and medical imaging techniques such as X-ray or ultrasound enable visualization of internal organs, extending doctors' abilities. 
With the recent advancement of micro/nano technologies, the current status of sensors available for cyborg and bionics systems are being challenged. We look forward to receiving innovative papers for the Special Issue on Super Sensor, and new sensing results on bionic systems, cyborg systems, and hybrid systems are also welcome.

    Guest Editors

    Prof. Dr. Makoto Kaneko, Meijo University, Japan

    Prof. Dr. Imin Kao, Stony Brook University, USA

      Submission Deadline

      July 30, 2021

        Submission Instructions

        Please select "Special Issue: Super Sensor" as the section/category during the submission process. Please also indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for inclusion in the special issue.

        Table of Contents

        As articles within the special issue are published they will appear below.

        Shape Estimation of Soft Manipulator Using Stretchable Sensor

        Jinho So, Uikyum Kim, Yong Bum Kim, Dong-Yeop Seok, Sang Yul Yang, Kihyeon Kim, Jae Hyeong Park, Seong Tak Hwang, Young Jin Gong, Hyouk Ryeol Choi

        Cyborg and Bionic Systems, vol. 2021, Article ID 9843894, 10 pages, 2021

        Design of Electrohydrodynamic Devices with Consideration of Electrostatic Energy

        Tasuku Sato, Shinya Sakuma, Masato Hijikuro, Shingo Maeda, Masayuki Anyoji, Yoko Yamanishi

        Cyborg and Bionic Systems, vol. 2021, Article ID 5158282, 8 pages, 2021