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    Health Data Science 2021 Reviewers of the Year

    We would like to thank all of our peer reviewers who volunteered their time and expertise over the past year to help our editors make decisions and ensure the high quality of articles published in Health Data Science. We know how much effort and time is required to conduct a thoughtful peer review, and for this service we are grateful. 

    Health Data Science would like to further recognize this invaluable service by announcing the Reviewers of the Year for 2021. The editorial team carried out the appraisal and selection of these reviewers based on ratings of the submitted reviews, which were issued by the editorial team throughout the year and only considered the quality of the review regardless of the manuscript’s final decision, whether positive or negative. We would like to take the opportunity to recognize the efforts put forth by our reviewers to enhance the scientific integrity of our journal and help us to realize our mission—data for better health!

    • Pedro J. Ballester
    • Jiang Bian
    • Jennifer Bragg-Gresham
    • Jingcheng Du
    • Mengling Feng
    • Spencer Fox
    • Kevin Frick
    • Shenda Hong
    • Yinzi Jin
    • Ruoran Li
    • Jianzhu Ma
    • Kirk Roberts
    • Akhil Vaid
    • Shaowei Wu
    • Tao Xue
    • Sarina Yang

    Dear reviewers, thank you!

    Health Data Science
    January 7, 2022