Intelligent Computing Special Issues

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Graph Computing
Techniques for graph computing, including software and hardware solutions.

Cognitive Capacities for Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Techniques and solutions that could be implemented or adapted to distributed computing continuum systems to provide cognitive capacity.

Computational Imaging
Developments in the field of computational imaging, including compressive sensing, phase-retrieval methods, and deep learning.

Deep Learning for Cross-Media Analysis and Knowledge Discovery
Cross-media analysis research that focuses on utilizing data with different modalities from multiple sources simultaneously and synergistically to discover knowledge and understand the world.

Knowledge-Graph-Enabled Domain-Specific Commonsense Reasoning and Decision-Making
Research leveraging knowledge graphs to help accomplish more knowledgeable tasks in different domains.

Photonic Computing
Analog computation paradigms aimed at providing lower latency, higher bandwidth, massive parallelism, lower power consumption and reconfigurability.

    Published Special Issues

    Low-Entropy Cloud Computing

    The articles in this special issue present advances in low-entropy cloud computing, a new systems concept which addresses high-entropy and stranding problems. They show that low-entropy cloud computing techniques can simultaneously enhance user experience and resource utilization.

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