Intelligent Communications


Communication systems have steadily progressed over the last several decades with the introduction of many new coding and communication paradigms from multi-antenna systems to polar codes, from cooperative and cognitive communications to various new multi-access schemes. However, in parallel to the significant progress in machine learning (ML) algorithms and computing resources, recent years have seen a new trend in the design and optimization of communication systems incorporating data- and knowledge-driven ML techniques. 
This special issue focuses on the subject of Intelligent Communications and aims to bring together and disseminate the latest advances in the design and optimization of communication systems using modern ML tools and techniques. 
This special issue solicits original research as well as review articles. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
•    ML-aided channel coding
•    ML-aided data compression
•    ML for channel modeling, estimation and feedback
•    ML for beamforming in multi-antenna communications
•    ML for wireless resource allocation
•    Knowledge-driven ML for communication systems
•    Model-driven ML for communication systems
•    Semantic communications
•    Graph neural networks for wireless network optimization
•    Communication system optimization for distributed learning
•    Communication system optimization for collective intelligence
•    Communication for edge learning and edge inference
•    Hardware implementations and testbeds for ML-aided communication systems
•    Adversarial attacks against ML-aided communication systems
•    ML for localization and positioning
•    Dataset generation and efficient training methodologies for practical wireless systems

    Guest Editors

    Deniz Gündüz, Imperial College London, UK
    Elza Erkip, New York University, USA
    Meixia Tao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    Zhijin Qin, Tsinghua University, China
    Bo Bai, Huawei Central Research Institute, China

      Submission Deadline

      The timeline for the submission and review process is as follows (all deadlines are 23:59 (11:59PM) anywhere on earth).
      Paper submission: 15 January 2023
      Review notification: 28 February 2023
      Revised submission: 30 March 2023

        Submission Instructions

        Interested authors can find more detailed submission instructions, e.g., manuscript format and submission guidance, are provided on the “For Authors” page.
        Please indicate in the Cover Letter that the submission is intended for inclusion in the special issue on “Intelligent Communications”.