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Knowledge-Graph-Enabled Domain-Specific Commonsense Reasoning and Decision-Making

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The Science Partner Journal (SPJ) Intelligent Computing is now seeking submissions for a special issue, Knowledge-Graph-Enabled Domain-Specific Commonsense Reasoning and Decision-Making.


Knowledge graphs are an effective way to conceptualize and structure knowledge so that knowledge can be easily used by computer systems. Over the past few decades, a lot of effort has been devoted to building different types of knowledge graphs at different scales. That has led to the emergence of a large amount of open knowledge graphs, such as DBpedia, Freebase, Wikidata, YAGO, Google Knowledge Graph and others, as well as many enterprise knowledge graphs, such as Microsoft Satori, Facebook Entity Graph, Amazon Product Graph, and many others.

The availability of these knowledge resources has prompted emerging research efforts on investigating how knowledge graphs can be effectively leveraged to help accomplish more knowledgeable tasks in different domains. While knowledge graphs have been used to support a wide set of different applications, the existing approaches still face several challenges. First, there is still a lack of widely recognized techniques for causal knowledge extraction. Second, knowledge graphs are currently not well integrated with learning-based AI (artificial intelligence) components. Third, a unified mechanism remains to be built for guiding how to effectively interact the knowledge graphs with application decision processes.

This special issue focuses on the theme of Knowledge-Graph-Enabled Domain-Specific Commonsense Reasoning and Decision-Making. It aims to establish a theoretical forum for the dissemination of recent high-quality research advances from worldwide scholars to address the above-mentioned challenges. It encourages researchers to pay more attention to the significant gap between traditional knowledge engineering and knowledge representation learning and then deliver practical contributions. It also calls for techniques and solutions that could be adapted to automate the accomplishment of knowledgeable domain tasks.

In this special issue of Intelligent Computing, a Science Partner Journals (SPJ), both Research Articles and Review Articles are solicited. More detailed submission instructions, e.g., manuscript format and submission guidance, are provided on the “For Authors” page.

Note that the exceptional merits and advantages of this special issue are: very quick publication (less than 2 months after submission, if acceptable), Open Access to widely global readers via various prestigious AAAS & SPJ-enabled pipelines, and no APCs (article processing charges) until 2025.

    Guest Editors

    Zhi Jin, Peking University, China
    Weiru Liu, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

      Submission Timeline

      The timeline for the submission and review process is as follows (all deadlines are 23:59 (11:59PM) anywhere on earth).

      Invitation acceptance: 30 June 2022
      Paper submission: 30 September 2022
      Review notification: 18 November 2022
      Reviewed submission: 16 December 2022

        Submission Instructions

        Please indicate in your cover letter that your submission is intended for inclusion in the special issue on Knowledge-Graph-Enabled Domain-Specific Commonsense Reasoning and Decision-Making.