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Optical Forces in Silicon Nanophotonics and Optomechanical Systems: Science and Applications

Table 1

Summary of the optical forces in silicon nanophotonics and optomechanics.

MechanismMaterialOptical force/stiffnessTrapping quantity (>50)Ref

Light particleWaveguidePolystyrene, 200 nm~55 pN/WYes[39]
Slot waveguideDNA and polystyrene, 100 nm~25 pN/WNo[20]
Ring resonatorPolystyrene, 1.1 μm~0.15 nN/WNo[18]
Photonic crystal (defect mode)Polystyrene, 100 nm~700 pN/WYes[40]
Photonic crystal (guided mode)Polystyrene, 520 nm~ 5 nN/WYes[41]
Silicon substrate (lateral force)Gold, 40 nm~ 0.4 pN/(mW μm-2)[24]

Light nanostructureNanowaveguide and substrateSilicon, 500 nm (width)~ 0.5 pN/(μm mW)[28]
Ring resonator and substrateSilicon, 450 nm (width)~ 50 nN/(μm mW)[42]
Parallel ring resonatorsSilicon nitride, 2.5 μm (width)~ 20 nN/(μm mW)[43]
Dual nanowaveguide (Casimir force)Silicon, 500 nm (width)~ 1 pN/(μm mW)[38]