Advanced Devices & Instrumentation / 2021 / Article / Fig 9

Review Article

Recent Advancements in Rayleigh Scattering-Based Distributed Fiber Sensors

Figure 9

Investigation of BRFL pump laser impact on phase noise statistics and intrinsic linewidth. The BRFL was pumped by three different pump lasers: (1) AOI laser with 50 kHz (DFB, AOI Inc.), (2) RIO laser with 30 kHz (RIO009x, RIO Inc.), and (3) NP laser with 3.4 kHz (Rock Module, NP Photonics Inc.). Accordingly, the intrinsic linewidths of the BRFLs with three pump lasers were mathematically obtained as 554.0 (±10.0) Hz, 998.1 (±23.0) Hz, and 1600.0 (±30.2) Hz, respectively.