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Advanced Thermally Drawn Multimaterial Fibers: Structure-Enabled Functionalities

Figure 5

Surface patterned thermally drawn fibers and their applications. (a) Schematic of thermally drawn fibers with microgrooves. (b) SEM image of round fibers with microgrooves. (c–e) SEM images of microgrooves on rectangular fibers. (f) Wetting properties of smooth fibers and star-shaped fibers with and without PDA coating. (g) Microfluidic channels constructed from surface patterned fibers. (h-j) The structural coloration of surface patterned fibers. (k, l) Surface patterned fibers served as diffraction gratings. (a, b, f, g) Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2014, Wiley-VCH [82]. (c–e, h–l) Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2017, Wiley-VCH [83, 86].