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Rebooting Synthetic Phage-Inducible Chromosomal Islands: One Method to Forge Them All

Figure 4

GFP and Beta-gal reporter SaPIs (a) GFP-mediated detection of S. aureus after infecting RN4220 cells with a lysates of 80α ΔterS SaPIbov2 tst::tetM and 80α ΔterS SaPIbov2::tetM-gfpmut2 using MOI of 10. (b) Blue-white screening in X-gal plates was enabled by β-galactosidase expression in S. aureus RN4220 by transduction of the SaPIbov2::tetM-bgaB into recipient cells of RN4220. Cells transduced with SaPIbov2 bap::tetM were used as control.