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Prime Editing Technology and Its Prospects for Future Applications in Plant Biology Research

Table 1

Different types of plant prime editor (PPE), their features, and editing efficiency in different target sites.

Target genePPE typePPE features (PBSa length (nt), RTb template length (nt), and RT type)Mutation typeEditing efficiencyiRefs

BFPPPE3b14, 12, M-MLVc2 bp Subsf4.40%NRj[2]
BFPPPE3b14, 12, CaMVd2 bp Subs3.70%NR[2]
BFPPPE3b14, 12, Retrone2 bp Subs2.40%NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE212, 9, M-MLV6 bp Delg8.20%4.6%[2]
OsCDC48PPE312, 9, M-MLV6 bp Del21.80%NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE312, 15, M-MLV3 bp Subs2.60%NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE3b12, 9, M-MLV6 bp Del11%NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE3b12, 9, CaMV6 bp Del5.80%NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE310, 17, M-MLV1 bp Subs14.30%NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE212, 13, M-MLV3 bp Insh1.98%0.7%[2]
OsCDC48PPE212, 18, M-MLV1 bp Subs5.70%3.8%[2]
OsCDC48PPE3b12, 13, M-MLV3 bp Ins1.880.03%[2]
OsCDC48PPE3b12, 18, M-MLV1 bp Subs3.0%2.0%[2]
OsCDC48PPE3b12, 18, CaMV1 bp Subs0.30NR[2]
OsCDC48PPE212, 15, M-MLV3 bp Del~0.05%~0.05%[2]
OsCDC48PPE3b12, 15, M-MLV3 bp Del~0.05%~0.05%[2]
OsALSPPE210-12, 16-17, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.28%0.035%[2]
OsALSPPE312-13, 13-16, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.35%0.52%[2]
OsDEP1PPE213, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.10-0.3%0.03-0.3%[2]
OsDEP1PPE313, 11-13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.10-0.3%0.1-0.2%[2]
OsEPSPSPPE213, 11-20, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.80-1%0.3-0.6%[2]
OsEPSPSPPE313, 20, M-MLV1 bp Subs2.27%2.66%[2]
OsEPSPSPPE313, 17, M-MLV1 bp Subs1.55%1.53%[2]
OsEPSPSPPE213, 17, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.100.2[2]
OsEPSPSPPE313, 17, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.100.2[2]
OsLDMARPPE212, 15, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.35%0.1%[2]
OsLDMARPPE312, 15, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.73%0.1%[2]
OsGAPDHPPE212, 16, M-MLV1 bp Subs1.40%0.16%[2]
OsGAPDHPPE312, 16, M-MLV1 bp Subs1.60%0.24%[2]
OsAATPPE212, 13, M-MLV2 bp Subs0.12%NR[2]
OsAATPPE2-R12, 13, M-MLV2 bp Subs0.04%NR[2]
OsAATPPE3b12, 13, M-MLV2 bp Subs0.20%NR[2]
OsAATPPE3b-R12, 13, M-MLV2 bp Subs0.45%NR[2]
TaUbi10-PPE213, 16, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.06%0.13%[2]
TaUbi10PPE313, 16, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.20%0.1%[2]
TaUbi10PPE212, 12, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.40-0.80%0.1-0.2%[2]
TaGW2PPE211, 11, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.30%0.03%[2]
TaGW2PPE311, 11, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.36%0.12%[2]
TaGASR7PPE212, 18, M-MLV1 bp Subs1.40%0.00%[2]
TaGASR7PPE312, 18, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.67%0.00%[2]
TaLOX2PPE212, 14, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.30%0.068%[2]
TaLOX2PPE312, 14, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.22%0.05%[2]
TaMLOPPE212, 12, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.60%0.00%[2]
TaMLOPPE312, 12, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.40%0.00%[2]
TaDME1PPE213, 14, M-MLV1 bp Subs1.30%0.07%[2]
TaDME1PPE313, 14, M-MLV1 bp Subs1.00%1.0%[2]
HPTIIPPE3-t13, 28, M-MLV3 bp Subs9.38%NR[26]
OsALSPPE2-WT13, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.05%NR[27]
OsALSPPE2-V0113, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.10%NR[27]
OsALSPPE3b-V0113, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.10%NR[27]
OsKO2PPE2-V0113, 19, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.13%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE2-WT13, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.01%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE2-V0113, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.15%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0210, 22, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.03%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0212, 19, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.23%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0213, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.67%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0214, 17, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.35%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0212, 11, M-MLV3 bp Ins0.90%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0213, 17, M-MLV3 bp Ins0.50%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0214, 25, M-MLV3 bp Ins0.075%NR[27]
OsDEP1PPE3-V0216, 14, M-MLV3 bp Ins1.53%NR[27]
OsPDSPPE2-V0113, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.06%NR[27]
OsPDSPPE3b-V0210-16, 10-25, M-MLV3 bp Ins0.03-0.25%NR[27]
OsPDSPPE2-V0110-16, 10-25, M-MLV3 bp Ins0.05-0.86%NR[27]
OsPDSPPE3-V0210-16, 10-19, M-MLV3 bp Ins0.08-0.8%NR[27]
OsEPSPSPPE3b-V0113, 23, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.36%NR[27]
OsEPSPSPPE3b-V0113, 18, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.13%NR[27]
OsGRF4PPE3b-V0113, 15, M-MLV1 bp Subs0.16%NR[27]
GFP, ALS, APO1Sp-PE213, 13, M-MLV1 bp Subs0-17.1%NR[28]
OsSLR1Sp-PE313, 13, M-MLV3 bp Del0.00%NR[28]
OsSPL14, APO2Sp-PE313, 13, M-MLV24 bp Ins0.00%NR[28]
GFP, ALS, HPTSa-PE313, 16-34, M-MLV1 bp Subs0-32.65%NR[28]
OsPDSpPE213, 12, M-MLV1 bp Ins7.30%NR[29]
OsPDSpPE213, 13, M-MLV2 bp Ins12.5%NR[29]
OsPDSpPE213, 14, M-MLV3 bp Ins19.8%NR[29]
OsPDSpPE213, 11, M-MLV28 bp Del0.00%NR[29]
OsPDSpPE213, 11, M-MLV1 bp Subs0-31.25%NR[29]
OsACCpPE210-15, 10-34, M-MLV1 bp Subs0-14.6%NR[29]
OsACCpPE313, 10, M-MLV1 bp Subs10.4-18.75%NR[29]
OsACCpPE3b13, 10, M-MLV1 bp Subs6.25%NR[29]
OsWX1pPE215, 31, M-MLV1 bp Subs7.30%NR[29]

aPBS: primer binding site; bRT: reverse transcriptase; cM-MLV: Moloney murine leukemia virus; dCaMV: Cauliflower mosaic virus; eRetron: retron-derived RT (RT-retron) from E. coli BL21; fSubs: substitution; gDel: deletion; hIns: insertion; iData obtained from the published graph using the WebPlotDigitizer software (; jNR: not reported.