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Phagocytosed Polyhedrin-Cytokine Cocrystal Nanoparticles Provide Sustained Secretion of Bioactive Cytokines from Macrophages

Figure 6

Released cargo from phagocytosed PODS is bioactive. Bioactivity of FGF-2 released from PODS FGF-2-loaded macrophages. Unloaded and FGF-2-loaded macrophages (M0, M1, and M2 with 10 PODS/cell) in TC inserts were incubated with FGF-2-reactive NIH-3T3 cells under serum-free conditions for 4 d. Proliferation of NIH-3T3 cells was measured using a colorimetric assay (Orangu™, Cell Guidance Systems). Error bars represent the standard deviation of samples (). Significant differences to control (, , and ).