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Research Article

Production of Volatile Moth Sex Pheromones in Transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana Plants

Table 1

Quantity (μg) of (Z)-11-hexadecenol (OH) and (Z)-11-hexadecenyl acetate (OAc) extracted from SxPv1.2 individuals by solvent extraction and GC/MS/MS quantification.

PlantMaterialμg OH/g plantμg OAc/g plant

SxPv1.2 T1-3Fresh leaves164,99,6
SxPv1.2 T1-4Fresh leaves129,98,6
SxPv1.2 T1-5Frozen -20C78,110,5
SxPv1.2 T1-6Frozen -20C115,117,3
SxPv1.2 T1-7Frozen -80C75,811,8
SxPv1.2 T1-8Frozen -80C104,812,9