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iGEM 2021: A Year in Review

Table 1

Notable iGEM 2021 projects.

Reference numberTeam nameProject titleProject wiki

[6]MarburgOpenPlast: Establishing cell-free systems from chloroplasts as rapid prototyping platforms for plant SynBio
[7]FCB-UANLSynbiofoam: a synthetic alternative to fluorosurfactants
[8]NEFU ChinaG-quadruplex-directed colorimetric virus detection system
[9]ZJU-ChinaLiver Guard: Precise therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma based on engineered oncolytic adenovirus
[10]EcuadorAgroBactory 593: a bacterial platform for producing specific biopesticides.
[11]Toulouse_INSA-UPSElixio: a synthetic microbial consortium for sustainable violet fragrances
[12]ShanghaiTech_ChinaMussel Inspired Biocompatible Osteogenic Material (MIBOM)