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Biological Parts for Engineering Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants

Table 1

List of representative stress-tolerant crops developed by genetic modification (GM). OE: overexpression; TSE: tissue-specific expression; COE: co-overexpression.

CropGMPromoterGeneDetails of the geneSourceTolerance traitPhysiological benefit in response to stressReference

BarleyOE35SAtAVP1H+-pyrophosphataseArabidopsisSaltIn field, higher grain yield and higher shoot biomass[431]
RiceOEMaize Ubi1AtHsp101ChaperoneArabidopsisHeatBetter growth performance in the recovery phase following the stress[384]
RiceOEMaize Ubi1TaMBF1cMBF TFWheatHeatTolerance during both vegetative and reproductive stages[369]
RiceOEMaize Ubi1OsRab7Small GTP-binding proteinRiceHeatHigher yield[432]
RiceOESNAC3NAC TFRiceHeat, droughtBetter survival rate[433]
RiceCOETissue-specific or stress-dependentotsA and otsB (Fusion)Trehalose biosynthetic genesE. coliSalt, cold, droughtSustained plant growth, less photo-oxidative damage, and more favourable mineral balance[386]
RiceOEABA-inducible promoterSAMDCS-adenosylmethionine decarboxylaseTritordeumSaltIncreased seedling growth[434]
RiceOE35SP5CSProline synthesis geneVigna aconitifoliaSaltWild type died after 10 days of salt stress whereas, even after 4 weeks of stress transgenics were capable of flowering and seed-setting[435]
RiceOE35SPpENA1Na+ pumping ATPasePhyscomitrella patensSaltHigher biomass production[436]
RiceCE35S (pyramiding)SaSRP3-1, SaVHAc1Salt Responsive Protein 3-1, Vacuolar H+-ATPase subunit c1Spartina alternifloraSaltHigher grain yield weight, and improved shoot and root growth[437]
RiceOE35SGly I, Gly IIGlyoxalase pathway genesBrassica, RiceMultiple stressHigh shoot and root biomass[438]
RiceOENative promoterSNAC1NAC TFRiceDroughtIn field 22–34% higher seed setting (stress during reproductive stage)[368]
RiceOEStress-inducible rd29A promoterAtDREB1AAP2/ERF TFArabidopsisDroughtTolerant during both the vegetative and reproductive stages[391]
RiceTSERoot specific RCc3 promoterOsERF71AP2/ERF TFRiceDrought23% to 42% higher grain yield over WT or whole-body OE transgenic lines[370]
RiceOEPGD1OsNAC14NAC TFRiceDroughtIn field higher number of panicle and filling rate[439]
RiceOERice Actin1P/LEA3-1P (stress inducible)NPK1MAPKKKTobaccoDroughtIn field higher seed setting rate[374]
RiceOERice Actin1P/LEA3-1P (stress inducible)SOS2Serine/threonine kinaseArabidopsisDroughtIn field higher seed setting rate[374]
RiceOErice Actin1P/LEA3-1P (stress inducible)AtDREB1AAP2/ERF TFArabidopsisDroughtIn field higher seed setting rate[374]
RiceOERice Actin1P/LEA3-1P (stress inducible)Zat10C2H2-EAR zinc fingerRiceDroughtIn field higher seed setting rate[374]
RiceOERice Actin1P/LEA3-1P (stress inducible)LOS5Molybdenum cofactor sulfuraseArabidopsisDroughtIn field higher seed setting rate[374]
RiceOERice Actin1PAtNHX1Na+/H+ antiporterArabidopsisDroughtIn field higher seed setting rate[374]
RiceOEMaize Ubi1OsbZIP23bZIP TFRiceSalt, droughtBetter growth[440]
RiceRNAiMaize Ubi1SQSSqualene synthaseMaizeDrought14–39% higher yield[441]
RiceOEOsSKIPaRice homolog of human Ski-interacting proteinRiceDroughtResistant at both vegetative and reproductive stages[442]
RiceOE2X35SOsLEA3-2Late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) proteinsRiceSalt, droughtStronger growth performance, recovery after 20 days of drought stress[443]
RiceOE35S, drought inducible promoterOsLEA3-1Late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) proteinsRiceDroughtHigher relative yield (yield under drought stress treatment/yield under normal growth conditions)[383]
RiceOE35SOsIFIntermediate filamentRiceHeat, saltMaintenance of yield[444]
RiceOEMaize Ubi1OsMYB55MYB TFRiceHeatLesser yield reduction[445]
RiceCOE35SOsbZIP46CA1, SAPK6bZIP TF, ABA-Activated Protein KinaseRiceDrought, cold, heatHigher yield, biomass, spikelet number, and grain number[446]
RiceOE35SRGB1Beta subunit of G proteinRiceHeat, saltHigher germination rate, root length, shoot length and plant height[447]
RiceOEPromoter of Rca-a from Oryza meridionalisRubisco activaseRubisco activaseOryza australiensisHeatHigher yield (stress during vegetative stage)[448]
RiceCOERice Cab promoterRubisco, Rubisco activaseRubisco, Rubisco activaseRice, maizeHeatHigher biomass and improved photosynthesis[449]
RiceOEActinmiRNA319miRNARiceColdIncreased leaf width and vein number, and better acclimation[378]
RiceOE35STERF2AP2/ERF TFTomatoColdBetter survival rate[450]
RiceOECOLD1Regulator of G-protein signallingRiceColdEnhanced chilling tolerance[451]
RiceOEUbiquitinMYBS3MYB TFRiceColdIn field no yield penalty[452]
RiceOEUbiquitinOsMYB3R-2MYB TFRiceColdHigher cold resistance, higher levels of proline[453]
Rice & Tomato (small fruit species)OE35SERECTALRR-RLKArabidopsisHeatIncreased biomass and yield[454]
RiceOEOsMADS57MADS-box TFRiceColdMaintenance rice tiller growth[455]
WheatOEUbiquitinbetACholine dehydrogenaseE. coliSaltIn field higher grain yields, more tillers, and higher germination rates[456]
WheatOEpINDHaHB4 (mutated)Homeodomain-leucine zipper I family geneHelianthus annusDroughtIn field higher spikelet numbers per spike, tillers per plant, and fertile florets per plant[457]
WheatOEBarley Dhn8sTaHsfC2aHSF TFWheatHeatEnhanced thermotolerance[458]
WheatOEMaize Ubi1TaFER-5BFerritin geneWheatHeatEnhanced stress tolerance[459]
WheatOEHordein B1 promoterHvSUT1Sucrose TransporterBarleyHeatBetter performance for many yield-related traits and enhanced sucrose transport[460]
WheatOEMaize Ubi1EF-TuElongation factorMaizeHeatReduced heat injury to photosynthetic membranes (thylakoids), and enhanced rate of CO2 fixation[461]
WheatOEDrought inducible Barley HVA1sHsf6aHSF TFWheatHeatEnhanced thermotolerance[462]
WheatOE35SAtWRKY30WRKY TFArabidopsisHeat, droughtImproved biomass and photosynthesis[463]
MaizeOERd29AZmbZIP4bZIP TFMaizeSalt, droughtEnhanced root development and ABA synthesis[464]
MaizeCRISPRMaize GOS2ARGOS8Negative regulator of ethylene signallingMaizeDroughtIn field increased grain yield by five bushels per acre (stress exposure during flowering)[465]
MaizeOE35SNPK1MAPKKKTobaccoDroughtNo yield loss under stress[375]
MaizeOENovel promoterLOS5Molybdenum cofactor sulfuraseArabidopsisDroughtIncreased root system development and biomass yield after re-watering[466]
MaizeOEMaize Ubi1OsMYB55MYB TFRiceHeat, droughtHigher plant biomass and reduced leaf damage[467]
CottonOEAhCMOCholine monooxygenaseAtriplex hortensisSaltHigher seed yield[385]
CottonCOEAtNHX1, AtAVP1Na+/H+ antiporter, H+-pyrophosphataseArabidopsisSalt, drought24% and 35% higher fibre yield under low-irrigation and dryland conditions, respectively[468]
CottonOE35SAtAVP1H+-pyrophosphataseArabidopsisSalt, droughtIn field 20% higher yield under dry-land conditions[469]
CottonOE35SGhDof1DOF TFCottonSalt, coldHigher oil content and reduced protein in seeds[470]
TomatoCE35SPgNHX1, AVP1Na+/H+ antiporter, H+-pyrophosphatasePennisetum glaucum, ArabidopsisSaltBetter survival rate[471]
TomatoOE35SSbNHXLPNa+/H+ antiporter-like proteinSorghum bicolorSaltHigher fruit yield[381]
TomatoOEAPX (cytosolic)Ascorbate peroxidasePeaHeatEnhanced tolerance to heat stress in lab and field[382]
TomatoOE35SSAMDCS-adenosyl-l-methionine decarboxylaseSaccharomyces cerevisiaeHeatImproved the efficiency of CO2 assimilation[472]
TomatoOE35SShDHNDehydrinWild tomatoCold, droughtBetter survival rate[473]
TomatoOEStress inducible AtRd29ABoCRP1Novel cold-responsive protein1Brassica oleraceaColdHigher seed germination, increased root length, reduced membrane damage and increased accumulation of osmo-protectants[474]
TomatoOE35SLeCOR413PM2Cold-regulated geneTomatoColdReduced damage to cell membrane, accumulation of ROS, and photoinhibition of PSII, but also maintain high activity of antioxidant enzymes and content of osmotic regulators[475]