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Making Use of Plant uORFs to Control Transgene Translation in Response to Pathogen Attack

Figure 1

Establishment of a fluorescence- and luminescence-based reporter system to study the functions of uORFs. (a) Diagram of the fluorescence- and luminescence-based reporter system. Illustration of the constructed plasmids used in this study is shown at the top. Workflow of our system is shown below. (b) Repression of GFP production by the 5-UTR of TBF1. Photos were taken 48 hours post agro-infiltration. Illustration of the indicated plasmids was shown below. (c) Relative fluorescence of leaves expressing indicated plasmids. Relative fluorescence was calculated based on the formula shown in (c) (; , Student’s -test, ). (d) Decreased GFP protein level confirmed by Western blot assay. The GFP protein accumulation was detected by α-GFP antibody. Equal loading of each sample is indicated using the luciferase protein.