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Making Use of Plant uORFs to Control Transgene Translation in Response to Pathogen Attack

Figure 3

Various uORFs combinations show different downstream repressing efficiencies. (a) Repression of GFP production by ACD11 uORF mutants. Photos were taken 48 hours post agro-infiltration. Illustration of the indicated plasmids was shown below. (b) Relative fluorescence in leaves expressing indicated plasmids. Relative fluorescence was calculated based on the formula shown in Figure 1(c) (; , Student’s -test, ). (c) Relative transcript accumulation levels of GFP. Transcript accumulation levels of GFP were analyzed by qRT-PCR with NbELF18 as internal reference. Bars represent standard errors from three biological replicates (; ; , ; Student’s -test). (d) Decreased GFP protein expression confirmed by Western blot assay. The GFP protein accumulation was detected by α-GFP antibody. Equal loading of each sample is indicated by the luciferase protein.