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About This Journal

Science Partner Journal BioDesign Research is an online-only Open Access journal published in affiliation with Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) and distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Like all partners participating in the Science Partner Journal program, BioDesign Research is editorially independent from the Science family of journals. Editorial decisions and scientific activities pursued by the journal's Editorial Board are made independently, based on scientific merit and adhering to the highest standards for accurate and ethical promotion of science. These decisions and activities are in no way influenced by the financial support of NAU, NAU administration, or any other institutions and sponsors. The Editorial Board is solely responsible for all content published in the journal. To learn more about the Science Partner Journal program, visit the SPJ program homepage.

Should researchers be interested in submitting their work to BioDesign Research, we ask that they please first review the Information for Authors page.

BioDesign Research content is Open Access, publishing under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) on a continuous basis. This means that content is freely available to all readers upon publication and content is published as soon as production is complete. Nanjing Agricultural University holds an exclusive license to the content, the author(s) hold copyright and retain the right to publish.

AAAS is a member of the following organizations: ALPSP, DOAJ, OASPA, ORCID, SSP, and STM.

Mission and Scope

BioDesign Research is dedicated to information exchange in the interdisciplinary field of biosystems design. Its unique mission is to pave the way towards the predictable de novo design and assessment of engineered or reengineered living organisms using rational or automated methods to address global challenges in health, agriculture, and the environment.

The journal publishes high quality breakthrough research, reviews, editorials, and perspectives focusing on in silico biosystems design, genetic or epigenetic modification, and genome writing or rewriting in any organism. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Genome writing and rewriting (gene and genome editing, synthetic viral and cellular genomes).
  • Biological engineering at the level of chemical (e.g., unnatural nucleotides and amino acids), molecule (e.g., protein and RNA), pathway (e.g., metabolic, signaling and immunological pathways), tissue, organ (e.g., organoids), and organism (e.g., microbiome, plants, and animals).
  • Methods/tools for biodesign (e.g., pathway/whole-cell/whole-organism modelling, machine-learning, automated design, and bioengineering using algorithm-directed in vivo evolution).
  • Biodesign theory (e.g., control theory).
  • Biodesign applications (e.g., gene therapy, cancer research, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, biosensing, diagnostics, bioremediation, biofuels, carbon sequestration, crop domestication and breeding, biological computation, gene circuits, and minimal organisms).

    Publication Identifier

    e-ISSN: 2693-1257

    DOI Prefix: 10.34133


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