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Review Article

Recent Advancements in Optical Harmonic Generation Microscopy: Applications and Perspectives

Table 1

Comparison of nonlinear optical microscopy techniques. Inspired by Ref. [15].

MethodPrimary informationSignal dependence on concentrationLasersContrast sourceEmission directionApplicabilityDetection wavelength

SHGStructural/assemblyQuadraticFs Ti:sapphFibrillar collagen, actomyosinF/B tissue dependentBulk tissuesNear UV-visible
THGStructural/assemblyQuadraticTi:sapph pump+OPO, Cr:forsterite, custom-built filtered supercontinuum, ytterbiumChange in refractive indexF/B tissue dependentInterfaces in cells, tissueNear UV
TPEFProtein sensing/function/localizationLinearFs Ti:sapphDye, intrinsic fluorophores4πCells, tissuesVisible
CARSChemicalQuadraticPs pump source (ti:sapp or Nd:YVO4)+OPOMostly C-H lipidsPrimarily forwardCells, tissuesVisible

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