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Review Article

Recent Advancements in Optical Harmonic Generation Microscopy: Applications and Perspectives

Table 2

Summary of SHG-based techniques.

MethodContrast sourceAdvantagesDisadvantagesKey information extracted

F/B ratioCollagen fibrils(i) Straightforward measurement with matched detectors(i) Accuracy dependent upon calibration ratio
(ii) Require tissues to be at least one scattering length thick
(i) Subresolution fibril organization/morphology (i.e., size and packing)
P-SHGCollagen fibrils/fibers(i) Motionless optics
(ii) Pixel-based
(iii) Differentiate between fibrillar collagen isoforms
(i) Difficult to translate to in vivo applications due to optical scattering
(ii) Precise calibration of polarization needed
(iii) Lengthy acquisition time
(i) Order of dipole moments and collagen helical pitch angle
SHG-CDAlignment of chiral collagen within fibrils(i) Quick measurement
(ii) Sensitive
(iii) Pixel-based
(i) Precise calibration of polarization needed(i) Net chirality

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