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Automated Segmentation and Connectivity Analysis for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Table 1

Network coefficients used for NPH vs. non-NPH comparison. All coefficients included a weighted and a binary version, except for the network density.

Network coefficientsBrief description

DensityFraction of present connections to possible connections
Clustering coeff. averageFraction of triangles (node’s neighbors that are also neighbors of each other) around a node (vertex connected to other vertices)
TransitivityRatio of triangles to triplets (three nodes that are connected by either two or three ties) in the network
Network characteristic path lengthAverage shortest path length in the network
Small-worldnessAverage path length of the network divided by the average path length of a random network with the same node and edge (connection between two nodes) count as the network being analyzed
Global efficiencyAverage efficiency (1/distance) between all sets of nodes
Diameter of graphMaximum eccentricity (maximal shortest path length between a node and any other node)
Radius of graphMinimum eccentricity
Assortativity coefficientCorrelation of the degree (number of overall connections) of connected nodes
Rich club, Fraction of edges that connect nodes of degree or higher out of the maximum number of edges that such nodes might share