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Research Article

Surgical Robot for Intraluminal Access: An Ex Vivo Feasibility Study

Table 1

Specifications of the proposed robotic system.


Flexible endoscope used for experimentGIF-Q260J (Olympus Medical Systems, Japan)

InstrumentsDiameter 2.6, length 2.2 m
(1) Electrosurgical knife, needle shape
(2) Grasping forceps

Endoscope robot DOF

Instrument robot DOF

Master DOF<For endoscope>

(sensors: potentiometers)
Push switch 3 buttons (air/water/suction)
<For instruments>
(sensors: potentiometers)

Control algorithmJoint-to-joint control

Motors<Endoscope robot>
(dial rotation)
(air/suction button)
<Instrument robot>
(wire for bending)
(wire for forceps)
(All from Futaba Corporation, Japan)

Microcontroller unit (MCU)Microcontroller board based on STM32F103 (STMicroelectronics, Switzerland) connected with PC via USB2.0

PCCore2 duo, Windows