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Bioprinted Vascularized Mature Adipose Tissue with Collagen Microfibers for Soft Tissue Regeneration

Figure 3

Rheological properties of different GG supporting bath concentrations and different CMF-based bioink concentrations. (a) Dynamic rheological characterization of the gellan gum supporting bath. Full and empty symbols represent storage moduli and loss moduli, respectively. (b) Thixotropic behavior of the 0.15 wt% gellan gum supporting bath following several cycles of high shear rates (10 s-1) and low shear rates (0.01 s-1). (c) Rheological viscosity properties of different CMF concentration bioink formulations. (d) Comparison of the bioink viscosities, containing or not containing cells and with the in vivo native adipose tissue. (e) Compressive stress measurements to determine Young’s modulus value, compared to in vivo adipose tissue.