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Research Article

Functional Electrical Stimulation of Peroneal Muscles on Balance in Healthy Females

Table 1

Total excursion distance (in meters) in the preintervention and postintervention tests in all tested conditions.

PreinterventionPostinterventionPercentage change value

Double leg, eyes open, with posterior perturbations, 30 s-5.9%2.4020.031
Double leg, eyes closed, with posterior perturbations, 30 s-3.651.1590.266
Single leg (combined preferred and less preferred), eyes open, 10 s-14.7%3.972<0.001
Single leg (combined preferred and less preferred), eyes closed, 10 s-12.7%3.3720.002
Single leg (preferred), eyes open, 10 s-21.7%5.820<0.001
Single leg (preferred), eyes closed, 10 s-13.9%2.6700.018
Single leg (less preferred), eyes open, 10 s-16.7%3.3110.005
Single leg (less preferred), eyes closed, 10 s-11.6%2.0610.058