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Classifying Motion Intention of Step Length and Synchronous Walking Speed by Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Table 2

Regional redistribution.

Region numbersCorresponding channelsRegion numbersCorresponding channels

Re1ch1, ch3, ch6Re12ch11, ch12, ch14
Re2ch3, ch6, ch8Re13ch14, ch16, ch17
Re3ch6, ch8, ch11Re14ch16, ch17, ch19
Re4ch8, ch11, ch13Re15ch19, ch21, ch22
Re5ch11, ch13, ch16Re16ch2, ch5, ch7
Re6ch13, ch16, ch18Re17ch5, ch7, ch10
Re7ch16, ch18, ch21Re18ch7, ch10, ch12
Re8ch1, ch2, ch4Re19ch10, ch12, ch15
Re9ch4, ch6, ch7Re20ch12, ch15, ch17
Re10ch6, ch7, ch9Re21ch15, ch17, ch20
Re11ch9, ch11, ch12Re22ch17, ch20, ch22

Region numbers: the brain region composed of the channel; Re1: region 1; Re2 to Re 22: the other twenty-one regions; ch1: channel 1; ch2 to ch22: the other twenty-one channels.

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