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Editorial Board

Cyborg and Bionic Systems’ editorial board is comprised of active researchers and experts selected from a pool of scholars who have made significant and well recognized contributions to the field. The overall duties of our editors include, but are not limited to, overseeing the review process and soliciting submissions of high-quality manuscripts.


Toshio Fukuda, Beijing Institute of Technology

    Deputy Editors-in-Chief

    Qiang Huang, Beijing Institute of Technology

    Abderrahmane Kheddar, French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

    Alois Knoll, Technical University of Munich

    Nigel Lovell, University of New South Wales

      Senior Editors

      Tatsuo Arai, Beijing Institute of Technology

      Etienne Burdet, Imperial College London

      Paolo Dario, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

      Tzyy-Ping Jung, University of California San Diego

      Guanglin Li, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS

      Robert Riener, ETH Zurich

      Shankar Subramaniam, University of California San Diego

      Shoji Takeuchi, University of Tokyo

        Editorial Board Members

        Gastone Ciuti, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

        Abbas A. Dehghani-Sanij, University of Leeds

        Lixin Dong, City University of Hong Kong

        Daniel Fong, Loughborough University

        Yasuhisa Hirata, Tohoku University

        Simin Li, Loughborough University

        Hong Liu, Peking University

        Lianqing Liu, Shenyang Institute of Automation, CAS

        Benny Lo, Imperial College London

        Dong Ming, Tianjin University

        Gang Pan, Zhejiang University

        Qing Shi, Beijing Institute of Technology

        Zhiqiang Zhang, University of Leeds

          Managing Editor

          Xin Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology