Energy Material Advances / 2021 / Article / Fig 4

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Porous Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductor Interlayers for Solid-State Batteries

Figure 4

Microstructural evolution during β-phase deposition and stripping through the open-porous MIEC interlayer. (a) Schematic representation of the movement of different metallic elements during charging and discharging processes. (b) Cross-sectional TEM, corresponding EDS images, and the selected area diffraction patterns of Ag nanoparticles in the MIEC interlayer at four different stages: pristine, after 0.1C charging, after 1 cycle, and after 100 cycles. (c) Cross-sectional SEM and corresponding EDS images for the MIEC interlayer at three different stages: pristine, after 0.1C charging, and after 0.1C discharging. Adapted from Ref. [25] with permission from Springer Nature.