Energy Material Advances / 2021 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Effect of Crystalline Microstructure Evolution on Thermoelectric Performance of PEDOT : PSS Films

Figure 2

(a) Room-temperature TE performances for PEDOT : PSS films as a function of annealing temperature after being annealed in nitrogen atmosphere for 12 h. (b) Temperature dependences of electrical conductivity for the pristine PEDOT : PSS film before annealing, and the films annealed at 220 or 240°C. The dependence of with annealing temperature of (c) for the pristine PEDOT : PSS film or (d) for the film after being annealed at 220°C or 240°C. (e) Effect of annealing temperature on room-temperature carrier mobility for the pristine and annealed samples, measured by the Hall effect.