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Research Article

Rare-Earth Nd Inducing Record-High Thermoelectric Performance of (GeTe)85(AgSbTe2)15

Figure 2

Characterization of crystal structure and microstructure morphologies. (a) XRD patterns of as-sintered Ge0.74Ag0.13Sb0.13-xNdxTe (, 0.02, and 0.04) pellets, (b) backscattered SEM images of corresponding EDS element maps of as-sintered Ge0.74Ag0.13Sb0.11Nd0.02Te pellet, (c) HRTEM image of as-sintered Ge0.74Ag0.13Sb0.11Nd0.02Te pellet (inset is the corresponding SAED pattern in [110] zone axis (Z.A.)), and (d) enlarged HRTEM of white square circled area in (c).