Energy Material Advances / 2021 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

Pushing the Band Gap Envelope of Quasi-Type II Heterostructured Nanocrystals to Blue: ZnSe/ZnSe1-XTeX/ZnSe Spherical Quantum Wells

Figure 2

Lattice strain relaxation in ZnSe/ZnSe1-XTeX/ZnSe SQW NCs. (a) XRD patterns of ZnSe1-XTeX emissive layers with varying Te contents ( varies from 0.10 (bottom) to 0.50 (top)). The XRD patterns of ZnSe1-XTeX and ZnSe in ZnSe/ZnSe1-XTeX NCs were decoupled by subtracting separately measured XRD patterns of the ZnSe seed from that of ZnSe/ZnSe1-XTeX NCs, by considering the volume of each component. The XRD patterns are vertically shifted for visual clarity. The characteristic diffraction peaks of bulk zincblende ZnSe (violet, bottom, JCPDS No. 65-9602) and ZnTe (red, top, JCPDS No. 15-0746) are displayed for comparison. (b) d-spacing for (111) (red circle (left)), (220) (orange square (middle)), and (311) (green triangle (right)) peaks and the estimated d-spacing of bulk ZnSe1-XTeX alloys from Vegard’s law (black broken line) are displayed for comparison.