Energy Material Advances / 2021 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Graphene-Based Coronal Hybrids for Enhanced Energy Storage

Figure 1

Schematic showing synthesis of 3D-networked coronal hybrid nanostructures of LDHs on PG shells using hydrothermal reaction. Synthesis involves growth of LDH lamellae in the form of a corona over the PG shell using surface functionalization forming reduced graphene oxide. Synthesis involves an acylation and encapsulation mechanism via the electrostatic assembly over the fibrous silica particles in the initial stage of the assembly. The final growth stage involves ultrathin LDH nanosheets radially grafted over the PG skeletal structures. High-resolution TEM images are used to understand the synthesis process. The LDH formation mechanism from bivalent and trivalent metallic cations and the XRD patterns of pristine and coronal hybrids of LDHs are presented.