Energy Material Advances / 2021 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Graphene-Based Coronal Hybrids for Enhanced Energy Storage

Figure 3

EDS maps for various elements obtained on high-resolution STEM images horizontally aligned from left to right: (a) maps of Co-Mn LDH@3D-PG; (b) maps of Ni-Mn LDH@3D-PG; (c) maps of Ni-Co LDH@3D-PG. XPS spectra obtained for coronal nanohybrid architectures from left to right: (d–f) XPS spectra for Co-Mn LDH@3D-PG; (g–i) XPS spectra for Ni-Mn LDH@3D-PG; (j–l) XPS spectra for Ni-Co LDH@3D-PG samples.