Energy Material Advances / 2021 / Article / Fig 4


Corrigendum to “Efficient Stabilization of Na Storage Reversibility by Ti Integration into O3-Type NaMnO2

Figure 4

(a) Quasi-open-circuit voltage curves of the samples of (a) x = 1.0 and 0.8 at the initial cycle. Rate capability of the samples is also shown in (b); sample loading, 4.38 mg cm−2 for x = 1.0 and 4.66 mg cm−2 for x = 0.8. (c) Capacity retention of the sample of x = 0.8 measured with/without constant voltage (CV) holding at 4.2 V for 2 h after being charged at a constant current (CC) of 4.2 V. Charge/discharge curves of the sample with voltage holding are shown in the inset. (d) An accelerated cycle test at a rate of 50 mA g−1. CV holding at 4.2 V for 30 min was applied on charge. The initial and last 3 cycles were cycled at a rate of 20 mA g−1.