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Mobile Sensing in the COVID-19 Era: A Review

Table 3

The high-level summary of the four types of mobile sensing applications in COVID-19.

CategorySensing durationPopulation scaleData typeOutcomes

Remote detection ()Just in time to daysIndividualRespiratory audio data, physiological dataRemotely detecting the symptomatic or presymptomatic signs of infection
Long-term tracking ()Days to monthsIndividualPhysiological data, self-reported symptomsContinuously monitoring the progressions of physiology and symptoms of patients
Contact tracing ()Days (about 2 weeks)Neighborhood to communityBluetooth proximity, GPS locations, CDRsAutomatically identifying the individuals or locations with high exposure risk
Epidemiological study ()Months to yearsCommunity to internationalMobility data (e.g., GPS trajectories, CDRs, and social media check-ins)Comprehensively understanding the spread and its mechanism from the perspective of human mobility