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Review Article

Mobile Sensing in the COVID-19 Era: A Review

Table 5

Study characteristics of long-term tracking literature.

AuthorData typePopulation scaleSensing durationDescription

Yamamoto et al. [36]Self-reportIndividualWeeksDemonstrating symptom-tracking app and analyzing the health observations
Echeverria et al. [37]Self-reportIndividualMonthsDeveloping a mobile app to monitor the physical condition of suspected cases
Zens et al. [38]Self-reportIndividualMonthsIdentifying and estimating COVID-19 symptoms using self-reported data
Huckins et al. [39]Self-reportIndividualMonthsAnalyzing human physical and mental health via StudentLife mobile application data
Un et al. [40]PhysiologicalIndividualWeeksAnalyzing physiological data from wearables to automatically track COVID-19
Vogel et al. [41]PhysiologicalIndividualMonthsDeveloping TrackYourHealth to respond to COVID-19 with mHealth monitoring
Josephine et al. [42]PhysiologicalIndividualMonthsUsing electronic wearables to early detect and monitor the symptoms of COVID-19