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Research Article

Misinformation versus Facts: Understanding the Influence of News regarding COVID-19 Vaccines on Vaccine Uptake

Table 1

Variables of interest.


DependentDaily new vaccinated people per hundred (7-day average)
Independent(1) Percentage of fake-news-related (fake news, conspiracy theories, unreliable contents or extremely biased news) tweets (7-day average)
(2) Percentage of fact-related tweets (7-day average)
Control(1) Percentage of male persons
(2) Percentage of persons aged 65 years and over
(3) Percentage of Black or African American alone
(4) Percentage of Asian alone
(5) Percentage of Hispanic or Latino
(6) Percentage of other
(7) Percentage of persons aged 25 years and over with a bachelor’s degree or higher
(8) Percentage of persons in the labor force (16 years and over)
(9) Per capita income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars)
(10) Percentage of urban population
(11) Daily new cases per hundred (7-day average)
(12) Daily new deaths per hundred (7-day average)