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Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research / 2022 / Article

Editorial | Open Access

Volume 2022 |Article ID 9808635 |

Dake Chen, Robert W. Howarth, "Share Promising Ideas, Explore New Frontiers", Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9808635, 2 pages, 2022.

Share Promising Ideas, Explore New Frontiers

Received09 Feb 2022
Accepted09 Feb 2022
Published10 Mar 2022

The ocean is the foundation of life and plays a key role in the Earth’s changing climate and ecosystem, but its vast span and complex workings are still far from being fully explored. Oceanography is intrinsically a multidisciplinary science, aiming at understanding the physical, biological, chemical, and geological processes in the ocean, as well as the interactions among them. More importantly, as an integral part of the multisphere Earth system, the ocean should not be studied in isolation, especially when global issues such as climate change and marine environment degradation are concerned. Understanding the interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere and between the land and the ocean is particularly critical to address these issues. In order to provide a showcase and forum for the rapidly evolving ocean and Earth system sciences, we are launching a new journal, Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Research (OLAR), which is designed to cover a wide range of relevant research fields and to publish high-quality papers on cutting-edge science and innovative technology. We sincerely hope that OLAR will become a unique and effective platform for sharing promising ideas and exploring new frontiers.

This is an open-access Science Partner Journal, published in affiliation with the Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai) (SML), and distributed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). SML was founded in 2018 and was set up to be a multidisciplinary research institute from the beginning. It presently consists of 18 research teams in three major areas: marine environment and resources, ocean engineering and technology, and marine humanities and archaeology. So far, SML has attracted over a thousand of scientists from all over the world and has built up a quite competitive capacity with a fleet of research vessels and a suite of research facilities. SML also carries out scientific expeditions every year to collect a massive amount of scientific data and organizes a variety of conferences and meetings to foster academic exchange. Undoubtedly, all of these will be conducive to the development of the new journal.

While the journal’s emphasis is on ocean-related sciences, we also welcome contributions from fundamental research that is potentially relevant and from emerging applied research in ocean observation, environment protection, and resource utilization. Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to ocean-land-atmosphere interaction, physical oceanography, marine biology and ecology, marine geology and geophysics, chemical oceanography, marine meteorology, atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment, cryosphere science, estuarine and coastal science, marine engineering and technology, and exploration and utilization of marine resources. The content of the journal will include review articles, research articles, news and views, and editorials.

The editorial board of OLAR is composed of highly respected academics from all around the world, currently including 2 editors-in-chief, 4 associate editors-in-chief, and 24 editors spread across the disciplines covering the journal’s scope. These individuals are dedicated to managing the peer-review process in an effective, fast, and fair manner. The journal is also supported by a group of managing editors at SML to provide timely service and friendly assistance for authors throughout the publication process. Article processing charges will be waived through December 2024, and journal papers will always be available to our readers free of charge. OLAR features a figure and table editing service for each accepted paper by collaborating with a professional team from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, with a focus on improving information visualization. Moreover, the Springer Nature English Language Editing Service will be provided for free to enhance the quality of accepted manuscripts.

We look forward to receiving your contributions. While aware of the fact that our endeavor is quite ambitious and challenging, we believe that we will make it a success with your help and support. Please reach out to the journal’s Editorial Office at if you would like to get involved in the editorial board or to serve as a reviewer.

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Dake Chen
Robert W. Howarth

Copyright © 2022 Dake Chen and Robert W. Howarth. Exclusive Licensee Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai). Distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0).

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