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Nondestructive Phenomic Tools for the Prediction of Heat and Drought Tolerance at Anthesis in Brassica Species

Table 1

Origins of the twelve Brassica genotypes used in this study.

GenotypeSpeciesAccessionCountry of OriginSeed ProviderNoteRef

BJ01B. junceaATC95209PakistanATFCCLandrace[16]
BJ02B. junceaJR049AustraliaUoMBreeding line[42]
BN01B. napusAV-GarnetAustraliaUoMCultivar released in 2009[42]
BN02B. napusMonty-028DHAustraliaCBWADoubled haploid from cultivar Monty[42]
BN03B. napusRT117AustraliaUoMBreeding line[42]
BN04B. napusTanamiAustraliaCBWACultivar released in 2007[42]
BN05B. napusTarcoolaAustraliaUoMCultivar released in 2009[42]
BR01B. rapaATC92037IndiaATFCCLandrace[12, 14]
BR02B. rapaFuding BaicaiChinaNPZLandrace[12, 14]
BR03B. rapa111IndiaNPZLandrace yellow sarson[12, 14]
BR04B. rapaATC92240IndiaATFCCLandrace[12, 14]
BR05B. rapaATC95217IndonesiaATFCCLandrace[16]

UoM: The University of Melbourne; CBWA: Canola Breeders Western Australia Pty Ltd; ATFCC: Australian Temperate Field Crops Centre; NPZ: Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG, Germany.

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