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A High-Throughput Phenotyping System Using Machine Vision to Quantify Severity of Grapevine Powdery Mildew

Table 4

Image assessments of Erysiphe necator infection by different human experts and the APS (GPMNet) in terms of the percent of subimages containing hyphae at 3 or 9 days postinoculation (dpi).

Grape variety3 dpi9 dpi

DVIT2732-6Expert 12.4%Expert 149.9%
Expert 28.2%Expert 256.8%
Expert 35.4%Expert 359.4%

ChardonnayExpert 117.9%Expert 181.2%
Expert 219.3%Expert 282.9%
Expert 321.2%Expert 388.3%

DVIT2732-81Expert 10.4%
Expert 20.0%
Expert 33.7%

DVIT2732-9Expert 11.1%
Expert 22.2%
Expert 33.7%

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