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A High-Throughput Phenotyping System Using Machine Vision to Quantify Severity of Grapevine Powdery Mildew

Table 6

Hyphal transect counts and neural network results (% infected subimages) for 6 leaf disks measured 9 days after inoculation. Growth rate coefficient and AUDPC were calculated from data shown in Figure 8.

Sample NameCategoryTransect Count (manual)% Infected (APS)Growth rate coefficientAUDPC
HVH+V%Normalized (max = 100)

157-Ren-stack-t1 (R)No infection0000.10.0412.6
316-Ren-stack (R)No infection00010.20.3011.5
157-Ren-stack-t3 (R)No infection00015.80.3618.3
24-452033 (M)Moderate8319728092.60.9767.0
27-452036 (M)Moderate14614729398.90.9969.8
38-452051 (M)Moderate13016929992.41.2379.6
165-Chardonnay-t1 (S)Severe22213936196.11.5394.2
330-Chardonnay (S)Severe23724648398.81.4892.6
165-Chardonnay-t3 (S)Severe23725349097.61.89100.0