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Research Article

Soybean Root System Architecture Trait Study through Genotypic, Phenotypic, and Shape-Based Clusters

Figure 6

Line graphs of phenotype-, genotype-, and shape-based clusters. Scaled mean value of 13 RSA traits (TRL, PRL, WID, CVA, LRB, VOL, LRA, SOL2, LED, RHZO, TRL_GR, TRLUpper, and Root_weight) at 9 days after germination of (a) eight genotype-based clusters (GBC) based on genetic distances and hierarchical cluster analysis, (b) eight phenotypic-based clusters (PBC) based on complete linkage of 13 root traits and, and (c) shape-based clusters (SBC) based on Euclidean distances among the root shape outlines represented in an eight-dimensional high level feature space. Data was compiled from 292 soybean accessions; 14 replications; genotypic BLUP values are represented by colored points.