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Research Article

Soybean Root System Architecture Trait Study through Genotypic, Phenotypic, and Shape-Based Clusters

Table 1

Measured and derived root system architecture traits captured by ARIA 2.0 including the 13 which were used to create iRoot categories and for clustering analysis.

SymbolTrait nameUnitTrait description

TRLTotal root lengthCmCumulative length of all the roots in centimeters
TRL_GRTotal root length growth rateCmChange in total root length
PRLPrimary root lengthCmLength of the primary root in centimeters
TRLUpperTotal root length upperCmTotal root length of the upper one-third
DEPDepthCmThe maximum vertical distance reached by the root system
WIDWidthCmThe maximum horizontal width of the whole RSA
CVAConvex areacm2The area of the convex hull that encloses the entire root image
RHZORhizosphere areacm2Length of 2 mm surrounding the TRL
VOLVolumecm3Volume of the primary root
LRALateral root angleAngleMedian root angle along the extent of all lateral roots
SOL2Solidity (inverse)RatioThe fraction equal to the convex area divided by the network area
LEDLength distributionRatioTRLUpper/TRLLower
NLRNodes of lateral rootsCountNumber of nodes of lateral roots
IRBIndependent lateral root branchesCountNumber of independent lateral root branches
MEDMedianCountThe median number of roots at all Y-location
MAXMaximumRCountThe maximum number of roots at all Y-location
TRAreaTotal root areacm2Area of the RSA as observed in the 2D projected view
PRAPrimary root surface areacm2Surface area of the primary root
TRAUpperTotal root area uppercm2Total root area of the upper one-third
TRALowerTotal root area lowercm2Total root area of the lower two-thirds
WDRWidth/depth ratioRatioThe ratio of the maximum width to depth
SOLSolidityRatioThe fraction equal to the network area divided by the convex area
BSHBushinessRatioThe ratio of the maximum to the median number of roots
SRL/PRLSRL by PRLRatioNumber of the secondary root per unit length of the primary root
COMCenter of massRatioCenter of gravity of the root/depth
COPCenter of pointRatioAbsolute center of the root regardless of root length/depth
CMTCenter of mass (top)RatioCenter of gravity of the top 1/3 of the root (top)/depth
CMMCenter of mass (mid)RatioCenter of gravity of the middle 1/3 root (middle)/depth
CMBCenter of mass (bottom)RatioCenter of gravity of the bottom 1/3 root (bottom)/depth
CPTCenter of point (top)RatioAbsolute center of the root regardless of root length (top)/depth
CPMCenter of point (mid)RatioAbsolute center of the root regardless of root length (middle)/depth
CPBCenter of point (bottom)RatioAbsolute center of the root regardless of root length (bottom)/depth
Seed weightGramsWeight of 100 seeds
Shoot weightGramsDry weight of shoot
Root_weightGramsDry weight of root

Pixels converted to cm. Root trait used in one or more iRoot categories.